Buiding a Better Conference Badge for #leweb

Traditionally after every LeWeb I send Loic Le Meur a link to the same article from 2007: "Building a Better Conference Badge".  Why?  Because a lot of my time at LeWeb is spent squinting at other people's badges, trying to find out who they are.

Here, for example, is my badge from this year:


I'm wearing the damn thing, so no need for the photo.  If the security guys at the entrance need it, put it on the back.  People know they are at le web, what day it is and in which city, so the logo, date and city name can be a lot smaller.  No need to include my first name twice, either.  The barcode?  Maybe two people used it, and I could have handed them a business card much quicker.

So that leaves following useful information:


But because this information is in an area the size of a postage stamp people constantly had to squint to see it.  I did a little quick copy-pasting and resizing, and here is what the badges should look like next year for vastly improved networking:


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