Orange Business Services

Orange Business Blogs needed someone to maintain their Movable Type installation who could also take care of the renaming (and associated redirects) of several of their blogs along with a major migration from one video streaming service to another. stepped in to fullfil this role, keeping the Movable Type installation behind the site running on the latest version with minimal interruption to authors and visitors.

We also took care of renaming several blogs (and their associated categories).  This involved a URL change for the blogs involved, and several hundred entries that needed to be moved from one blog to another.  Throughout and after all this, a complex set of 301 redirect rules set up by ensures that all the old links just kept on working.  For example, a visitor looking for the old 'Live' blog would now seamlessly arrive on the new 'Connecting Technology' blog.  Except, of course, if they were looking for the old 'Videoconferencing' category on this blog, which now redirects to the same category but on the new 'Enterprising Business' blog.

Recently, Orange Business Services also migrated all of its videos from one streaming service to another, which would have broken all embedded videos in several hundred blog entries (and on their Innovation TV website, also powered by the same Movable Type installation). came up with a perl script to convert all video embedding code in all entries on the site so it would point to the correct video file on the new service.  This involved more than a simple search-and-replace operation though: the ID of each individual video had to be replaced by a matching ID for the same video on the new service.